About Kuan-Yu & Ching-I 

Kuan-Yu Chen is the formal artistic director of Tipsy Point Project as well as a native of Taiwan and studied at the prestigious Tsoying High School. She advanced her education in the USA, receiving a BFA in dance from the University of Illinois through awards and scholarships. In addition to performing in works by Bill T Jones, Cynthia Oliver, Rebecca Nettl-Fiol and Sara Hook, her mentors include Jennifer Monson and Kirstie Simson. Kuan has performed nationally and internationally in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, as well as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada, and Taiwan. She was formally selected to perform in the Bessie Residency at the Yard in 2009, and is currently dancing with White Wave Young Soon Kim Dance Company, Kathleen Kelley/Labor Force Dances, DaNaKa Dance, Tzu-Ying Lee, Kensaku Shinohara, and Ching-I Chang.  She started Tipsy Point Project with Ching-I Chang in January 2010 and launched their first project “Tipsy Point” in May of that year at Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn. Her recent works include: The “Koala Project” performed at the 8th Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers InHale Performance Series in South Philadelphia in July and a site-specific work in Dumbo Dance Festival in September. Her newest choreography “Hot Air Balloon” got selected for the Cool New York Dance 2011. Furthermore Kuan’s most important philosophy is to believe in her Koala way!

Ching-I believes that she began dancing when she was in her mother’s belly. However, she has been dancing and performing since she was five. At the young age, she has performed in the major cities both in Taiwan and America.  She received her BFA in Modern Dance from University of Utah in 2009. She is currently working with Gesel Mason Performance Projects and Punchdrunk. She's also the artistic director of Tipsy Point Project and Lillie&Gilly Performance Projects. And she loves bananas. Meow. 


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